Luxurious Lemonade Braids That Dazzle Your Presence

Beauty & Aesthetics is closely associated with the feminine. Lemonade braids are a type of combing popularized by the famous actress ‘Beyonce’. This American songwriter has re-invented the classical hairstyle in her sixth musical album “Lemonade”. In this braid, the Namibia-based-Fulani style is mixed with the New-age cornrow style.

Do you like this new-age braid?

This type of hair combing is popular among American girls. Lemonade braids style has an impact on the European beauty industry. This trending hair cut is getting popular all over the world. Let have a look upon important trends related to the style Lemonade braids.

The importance and varieties of Lemonade braids

Beyoncé has taken the women’s hair stylishness to peak level with the musical masterpiece Lemonade. Since then, the Afro-American hairstyle is called with the songwriter’s album. In her visual treat. Beyoncé has surprised her musical audience with 2+ looks. These variations are closely related to the cornrow style. This Lemonade braids will be perfectly suitable for you if you in need of modern stylish style for the upcoming celebration.

How long you should have Lemonade braids?

  • One needs to avoid the hair breakage if you want long-lasting braids built-up in head
  • Eight to Ten weeks is good for the Lemonade braids
  • Use the moisturizing Mist and Detangler to hydrate your braid
  • This will strengthen your hair & scalp in smoothie way
  • Kindly, note that you use only distilled water re-tune your hairstyle
  • It is a sign of your hair is weak if you see your braid is coming off from your head
  • Just stay away from tight braid as it weakens the hair strength

Lemonade braids with curls for you

The center-parted loose curl of Beyoncé in the everlasting album is surly for every woman’s hair stylishness. Just, have a look at the video “Hold Up” to know the trending cut. Ask your hairdresser to define your style statement with the coming of age style.

Small-sized Lemonade braids with color

This Afro style is quite suitable for you if you have thin hair. Choose this popular cornrow style if you have round-shaped-face. This styling pattern surely elevates your whole appearance. Wear it to shape your style.

Jumbo Lemonade braids to the side

Just part the hair to have superb look. The walnut shade of braids is eye-catching. The Beyoncé inspired hair styling is sure to take the women’s beauty to the next level.

The Lemonade braids with fancy beads

This kind of style statement is surely mesmerized everyone in gatherings. Colorful beads with braid look good and uplift your appearance. This fashion statement is best for teenage girls.

Straight Stitch lemonade braids for kids

The cornrow pattern of styling is sported by Beyoncé in ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’. Kids love to wear the lemonade-inspired classical look. Stun others with your stunning looks.

Long Lemonade braids with Ombré Ends

The side-swept tree braid is for world-wide Beyoncé lovers.

One can try the half-up-half-down style to look like a beautiful angel. Wear the style pattern on your marriage occasion.

Lemonade braids to the back

In Hold Up, the songwriter’s large curls cropped her till tailbone (Coccyx). Get the hair extension to show your gorgeous look at your birthday party. Make your appointment with a famous hairstylist today. This braid-build up gets popular among sexy ladies in the fashion industry. This braid is so good to turn the beauty of beautiful brides.

Centre Part lemonade braids style

Want to have pleasing look for the grand college get-together?

Wear Beyoncé-moved-look to surprise your friends. This kind of symmetrical pattern is best for mid-aged ladies. Girls are in modeling industry picks this style to give angelic look to others.

Important suggestions to maintain your waist-length braid?

One has to follow result-oriented 5+ tips to maintain your hair grow besides eating nutritional foods. Let see the tips constructed by one of the celebrity beauticians in the U.S.

  • Hair trimming is necessary for every 10 weeks to strengthen your shiny hair
  • Bring the hot tool usage to the minimum level for standardized hair growth.
  • Deep conditioning is essential and doesn’t overuse
  • Just, stay away from hot showers. This process damages your hair structure
  • Don’t forget to buy and use the satin pillowcase for the safety of your meaningful hair
  • Dandruff-free-maintenance for Lemonade braids style
  • Cleanse your hair frequently with moisturizing shampoos for scalp’s optimal health
  • High-tighten braids led to scalp irritation. It also causes the skin around the hair follicle to swollen.
  • Use branded products for the healthy maintenance of your scalp


The Cost of famous Lemonade braids

One has to know that the popularity of certain hairstyle makes the rate bigger and bigger. All around the world the actress-inspired-braid is costly only compared to other styling patterns. Let see some of the prices.

  • A cost of Cornrow style is $79. Get in touch with the branded studio for customization.

 Do you know the price tag of popular Lemonade braids?

  • $160 is the average cost. According to a studio in the city, the rate can be higher or lower.
  • The maximum cost of Kinky weave is $180 and Tribal braids will cost you around $160.
  • Med box braids are quite popular is the hairdressing industry and its cost is $164. The cost of style ‘Micro braids’ is much higher than the ‘Med box braids’ in the beauty world.

Box braid of the modeling beauty

Recognized as one of the beautiful models for the year 2010, Chanel Iman loves to have the box braid hair. The curly loose box braid of the musician is slightly inspired from “boho” style pattern. Her perfect braid looks complete with her angelic appearance. Ask your beautician to enhance your look by placing box braid in the head.


Lemonade braids are coming of age styling statement for women. Try wearing varieties of braid looks to complete your fashion statement. Celebrities across the world are trying the braid looks for beauty enhancement. Get in touch with famous beauty studio by now. Happy braid!

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