Kicking Knotless Box Braids to Improve Stylish Look

The importance of box braids hairstyles can be understood by reading the famous quote

                       A girl without braids is like a city without bridges

Universally, hair braid affects the fashion industry. This pattern of hairstyling has arrived from the African culture. 10,000+ box braids are there in the current era. The feminine community has given fashion statement to box braids before 30000 years ago. The Fishtail and Five Strand Braid is considered to be a difficult pattern and simple flat structure is very easy. Let us read trendy hairstyles to suit your taste one by one.

The waist long box braids are recognized as the ultimate box pattern nowadays. Modern women take interest in decorating braid with beads for enhancement.

How long the classical hairstyles keep in the head?

  1. The decorating process also takes 1 to 2 hours as the cut requires the detailed interweaving of hair
  2. One can expect the decorated box braids will be in head up to 10-12 weeks if u cared so properly
  3. One must use top-notch hair care products to care for your trendy style.
  4. Before and after the installation of box braids styles you must apply cosmetics like silk hair bonnet, Keira scalp cleanser and conditioning gel.
  5. Online shops on the Internet offer discounts for almost all branded products
  6. Start searching certified parlor by now to wear the modern look by today

Info about the traditional Afro-style

    • Janet Jackson, the important figure in American industry, popularized the box braids all around the world during the 80s
    • It has been recorded officially that people of Nile Valley in African Continent used the box pattern 2000 years ago
    • With the above historical info, feel happy to follow the oldest hairstyle in modernized dimensions
    • The historical box braids can be seen in fashion industry events across the world
    • In certain regions of the African Continent, women used beads and pieces of jewelry to beautify the braids pattern
    • Egyptian women had platted hair for decoration
    • Hair extensions and crochet braiding were used in the earlier fashion industry
    • Braid is touted to be a powerful symbol for strength. African people used the particular box braids for identifying the community people
    • The style has also its impact on the military department. Top officials have made some minor changes.
    • S. official commanders have made restriction to the soldiers not to have more than 1/2 inch in diameter. End of braid must be safe and parting should be rectangular

Beautiful box braids for white girl

No one can forget the Jada Pinkett’s traditional Namibia style. The rainbow drip is aptly suitable to women who have white complexion. Rainbow ombre can be applied from the mid-parted hair. The box braids with bangs are really elevating your appearance. Colorful beads can be added if you wish. A braided fascinator is favorite-box pattern for angelic models in the styling industry. It’s Fantastic to see next topknot in a short ponytail. The pulled back box braids looks closely related to the French braids. A goldilocks’ pattern is invented for box braids women to glow in the center stage.

Do you know that a Knotless or Loose box pattern gives finishing touch for stylish women?

Know-how box braids tutorial at home

  • Detangling the smooth hair is important as it makes it easy to comb the box
  • Divide into 2 sections of hair properly
  • Use the cosmetic wax to simply concentrate on hair roots. Make use of naturally crafted products for your shiny hair
  • Safely tie the hair and keep flat
  • Braiding starts here by placing the folded extension of hair
  • Leave the braid all way down naturally
  • Move and lift the hair section by section and repeat the same process
  • Leave the box braids to end in hot water for texture
  • Once finished, use styling gels for perfection
  • Then, wear a matching dress that suites your trendy braid

Are braids is suitable for men?

The accurate answer is yes. Men equal to women have used the identity hairstyle is recorded in history. 500+ box braids are in the industry to elevate the masculine figure awesomely. From sports personalities to global movie celebrities are interested in trying out different braids to make a fashion statement.

    • The modernized box is the natural box and short braids. Survey says that to carefully maintain the healthy performance of hair, braid style is good.
    • Adam Beach is a well-known Canadian actor to use the braid on screen and even off-screen.

Are braids apt on Indian hair?

Bollywood celebrities recently are wearing the braids to improve the screen presence. The adorning box braids are easy to maintain particularly for Indian people. Said to be good for classical hairstyle, it doesn’t require thermal heat. It led the hair to grow normally without any issues. Don’t forget one thing.

  • Mistakes in Braids installation leads to issues in hair growth and has tension on the scalp
  • Make use of branded products like Kenra styling gel, Davines and Garnier to promote your hair statement so perfectly

Box braids in West Palm Beach

Divine Design Hair Solutions must be your hair styling destination if you are finding braids near me

The famous natural studio is equipped to offer extensions, hair care, braids and more. This studio only employs certified professionals to offer recognized hair services with trendy designs.

Cost of women box patterns

Top-rated studios and hair stylists are charging $72. One has to know that this is for simple and as well as flat box braids. The fee gets higher as the styling gets deepen. The fee for complex large Box comes around $125.00 and for medium-sized is $153.00. The branded fee for braid touchups is $61.00 and for short braid is $360.00

A Single braid for fashion angels

  1. A pigtail is a form in box braids is also famous in the industry. It refers to two braids in opposite side in heads. Said to be the favorite braids for kids, this is a universally popular form.
  2. Unbraided pigtails are famous among the girls in the country Japan
  3. French plait is generally simplest in braids. It starts and ends with small 3 sections from head to neck.
  4. Do you know that the French braid is 1st appeared in the historical Arthur’s Home Magazine?


  • The Dutch braid is a form of the popular French braid.
  • Box braids are 5000 years older style is still followed universally today
  • Hairstyle is considered to be an art more than combing the hair
  • Level your hair to sharp your attractive appearance
  • Box braids are for modernized cultured women
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