Angled Bob Haircut for The Gorgeous Women

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Kaia Gerber

The American model is known for the best bob haircut in today’s scenario.  Touted to be the drama cut, she has taken the parted in the center.  Her style is said to be sizzle haircut 2019.

Reese Witherspoon

The highest-paid actress in American cine industry has chosen the long bob haircut to elevate the trendy cut on screen.  Her indeed loosen hair is her attraction.  You can copy her bob haircut at home.

Emilia Clarke

This 33-year-old-English actress has picked the short bob cut to glow her appearance.  She displayed her haircut during 38th annual Toronto International Film Festival

Natalie Portman

The ‘star wars’ actress bob is liked many people all around the world.  The bob cutting gives texturing hairstyle to girls.  Actress Polaire in France said to be having her bob like hairstyle.

Lily James

The “Cinderella” really looks like an angel with her short bob haircut.  Antoni Cierplikowski, the first celebrity hairdresser in Paris made famous the bob haircut historically.

Irina Shayk

Said to be the shoulder-brushing haircut, the industry modelling icon has stunned everyone during her appearance at the Golden Globes ceremony.  Vidal Sassoon, famous hairdresser in the U. S.  has popular the bob cut during the 1950s.

Charlize Theron

The textured bob of this high paid personality is serving as the true inspiration for everyone.  In the 1920s, bob haircut was a popular style of the feminine in English countries.

Michelle Williams

Recipient of the Tony Award in the U. S. , her bob haircut looks beautiful.  Singer Madonna has been spotted with the bob hair cut in many independent albums.

Margot Robbie

The Australian actress has been attending Oscar ceremonies with lob-cut.  S’-shaped waves of hair are added attraction to her.  Emma Stone’s favourite cut is long bob only.

Saoirse Ronan

A recipient of Golden Globe Award looks great with her wavy bob.  So today the centre-parting to looks fine.

Emma Roberts

‘Unfabulous’ actress is always on the picture for her chic cut.  Her baby bob hair elevates her appearance extremely.  The bob cut is also known as shingle cut.

Olivia Palermo

Mid-length bob of this American entrepreneur is quite famous.  Her curled bob style is liked by teenage girls in the world.  Lady Diana Cooper has loved this hairstyle.  It is documented.

Kendall Jenner

Her bob haircut is copied by a million people all around the world like no one else.  Center-diversion style has mesmerized everyone.  Mary Thurman in American industry made bob a famous during the silent era.

Hailey Baldwin

Known for superb grooming attitude, her chic haircut is famous among fashionable hairdressing industry.  She has proven her style statement with a new cut.  R&B Barbadian singer Rihanna has sported the coming of age style in her album ‘Umbrella’.

Kylie Jenner

This angel has sported new bob hairstyle during her birthday dinner.  Chin-Lengthy cutting suits her round face cut.  Dianna Agron made famous the form called shaggy bob.

Gigi Hadid

Recognized as the Best International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council, she is good with a classical bob cut.  She earned applause from the audience during the American Music Awards for her style.  ‘Pageboy’ styling is similar to the bob.

Jennifer Lawrence

Forbes Celebrity 100 list actress is always pretty with a shaded bob cut.  Her wavy bob matches her style.  Eleanor Roosevelt looks great with the bob haircut.

Anne Hathaway

Credited to be the receiver of many Academy Awards, her unique bob is always revolutionizing.  Short hair + sweeping fringe look fine for her stylized figure.  Irene Castle, the famous dancer in the American movie industry, has popularized Castle bob cut worldwide.

Taylor Swift

Her skimming bob is always a successful mark in the fashion world.  Meaningful curls complete her style.  T-Boz sported the bob lob in her first musical album.


The cropped bob of the angel is always refreshing in the beauty world.  Copy her styling if you want a trendy pattern.  Barbara Feldon has sported many onscreen roles with the bob cut only.

Bella Hadid

Said to be the haircut for wavy hair, she displayed her bob during Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris.  The grazing chop has mesmerized the worldwide audience.

Jennifer Lopez

This fashionable actress textured style is a fine example for bob haircut for oval face.  She sported the look during the Toronto international film festival.  Open your Instagram account to view her patterned bob.

Jessica Chastain

Known for playing on-screen strong characters, her cutting is the best bob haircut for girls 2020.  She captivated everyone during the New York fashion week.

Vanessa Hudgens

The ‘Powerless’ actress cut is one of the best bob haircuts for women nowadays.  Kids love to wear a simple and sophisticated cut.

Alison Brie

The ‘Mad Men’ celebrity bob haircut is copied by millions of fans universally.  Her tousled bob completes the beauty.

Naomi Campbell

Her cut is said to be the coming of age bob for modern women.  Her cut bob adds extra glowing to her round face.

Olivia Wilde

Her blonde locks add exceptional beauty to the whole appearance.  Olivia Wilde cut is said to be the finest short bob haircut.

Lucy Hale

Layered bob haircut of the ‘Fantasy Island’ actress is always preferable for hairdressers.  Color shades to hair give beauty to the face.

Yvonne Orji

The Nigerian actress style is said to be based on bob haircut with fringe.  If you want your appearance better then copy her cut.

Olivia Wilde

Her bob is 100 per cent easy style for teenage women.

Olivia Culpo

This fashion influencer’s bob haircut 2020 is copied by every woman in today’s society.  Her jaw-length cut is perfect for professional ladies.


She chooses the bob as it suites her oval face.  Smith cut is always top-ranked in women’s hairdressing.

Demi Lovato

Bob haircut short of the ‘Barney & Friends’ cut is an eye-catching one.  Her flow of hair gives colorful look.

Keira Knightley

A winner of British Academy Film Award has tousled her curly hair as it is.  Follow her tips on her youtube channel.

Hailey Bieber

IMG Model has softened her hair for beauty.  Her short look gives originality.

Charlize Theron

A Golden Globe award actress has preferred A-line cut.  Her bob haircut is copied by famous sports personalities.

Tessa Thompson

NAACP Theatre Award nominated actress’ S-wave gives perfection.  Her styling is always given a complete look.

Dua Lipa

The pop celebrity’s bob is cute and textured with shades.  Her center part adds attraction.  Hers is one of the famous bob haircuts in fashion.

Jourdan Dunn

This supermodel’s cut is such a deep side and back.  Her styling pattern is a refreshing one for working ladies.

Viola Davis

The black actress’ bob is a brilliant style.  To enhance your facial look, prefer her romantic cut.  Her bob haircut is always popular.

Have seen the new bob of Mercedes “MJ” Javid?

The Shahs of Sunset actress has displayed her new bob haircut to Netizens via a social media platform.  She just shared a photo of herself with her newborn in the Instagram channel.  It seems that the TV star returns to a short bob.


Recently, Dr Simone Whitmore twister her bob with the chic sleek haircut and shared the same in Twitter.

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